Xholon - Stupid Model 16nl - NetLogo-like Syntax

What is it

This is a Xholon-specific version of the 16th in a series of 16 "Stupid Models". It's intended as a starting point for learning how to develop grid and agent-based models using Xholon. It can also be used to compare Xholon with other agent-based modeling tools that have also implemented the Stupid Model series.

This is the same model as #16, except it uses a NetLogo-like syntax, rather than the default Xholon syntax. This alternative syntax is closer to the application domain than the more tree-based syntax normally used in Xholon.

Xholon features

Look through the code in BugStupidModel16nl.java and XhStupidModel16nl.java for instances of the following methods: patchHere, jump, hatch, die, setXcor, setYcor, and setHeading.

Credits and references

Railsback, S., Lytinen, S., Grimm, V. (2005). StupidModel and Extensions: A Template and Teaching Tool for Agent-based Modeling Platforms.

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