Xholon - Stupid Model 14 - Random Normal Initial Size

What is it

This is the 14th in a series of 16 "Stupid Models". It's intended as a starting point for learning how to develop grid and agent-based models using Xholon. It can also be used to compare Xholon with other agent-based modeling tools that have also implemented the Stupid Model series.

This model shows how to use a different random number distribution, in this case the normal distribution. Up to now, only a uniform distribution has been used. The model has two new parameters, initialBugSizeMean (0.1) and initialBugSizeSD (0.03). At the start of the simulation, bugs are initialized to a random size drawn from a normal distribution with this mean and standard deviation. Bug sizes must be greater than or equal to 0.0.

Xholon features

Xholon uses the random number distributions in the colt library, and Random.java from Repast to access the colt library. The postConfigure() method in BugStupidModel14.java initializes the size of each bug.

Credits and references

Railsback, S., Lytinen, S., Grimm, V. (2005). StupidModel and Extensions: A Template and Teaching Tool for Agent-based Modeling Platforms.

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