Xholon - Stupid Model 15 - Habitat Data from File Input

What is it

This is the 15th in a series of 16 "Stupid Models". It's intended as a starting point for learning how to develop grid and agent-based models using Xholon. It can also be used to compare Xholon with other agent-based modeling tools that have also implemented the Stupid Model series.

The grid in this model is larger than it has been up to now, and it's rectangular rather than square. The food production rates for each habitat cell are read in from a file rather than being set randomly. The grid space is no longer toroidal, so bugs cannot wrap around when they reach a grid boundary.

Xholon features

The readGridFile() method in HabitatCellStupidModel15.java reads the data from a file.

Because the grid is no longer toroidal, the bugs have to check if they have reached the boundary of the grid.

Credits and references

Railsback, S., Lytinen, S., Grimm, V. (2005). StupidModel and Extensions: A Template and Teaching Tool for Agent-based Modeling Platforms.

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