Membrane Computing - Xholon App

What is it

This is a model of a Membrane Computing system.

How to use it

Run it:

  1. Run the Java application through the XhnMemComp GUI (, and select File --> Open --> memcomp --> CoopSys02ex32 --> CoopSys02ex32_1_xhn.
  2. Expand the Controller node in the tree.
  3. Press the Start node.
  4. You should see ...

Expected Results for each membrane (for deterministic, or typical case)
DIS - dissolved

Step  env    m1     m2
===== ====== ====== ======
0            aa     
1            aa     bccbcc
2            aa     bccbccbccbcc
3     aa            bccbccbccbcc
"Computation was successful."

Things to notice

Things to try

Extending the model

Xholon and Ealontro features

Credits and references

Paun, Gh. (2002). Membrane Computing. First example in section 3.2.