Xholon - Stupid Model 13 - Population Abundance Graph

What is it

This is the 13th in a series of 16 "Stupid Models". It's intended as a starting point for learning how to develop grid and agent-based models using Xholon. It can also be used to compare Xholon with other agent-based modeling tools that have also implemented the Stupid Model series.

This model shows how to add a times series graph that displays the number of bugs that are alive each time step.

Xholon features

Line charts are specified in Xholon by changing two parameters to the _xhn.xml file. Time series data is already being captured to a file, to record the minimum, mean, and maximum bug size each time step. The value of the UseDataPlotter parameter is changed to "JFreeChart", and the value of the DataPlotterParams parameter is given new title information. The shouldBePlotted() method in AppStupidModel13.java now only selects the count aggregator, rather than all aggregators except the count one.

Credits and references

Railsback, S., Lytinen, S., Grimm, V. (2005). StupidModel and Extensions: A Template and Teaching Tool for Agent-based Modeling Platforms.

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