Cart Centering - Xholon App (GP)

What is it

This model uses genetic programming (GP) to evolve a solution to the cart centering problem. The discussion that follows assumes you are generally familiar with GP. If not, see the references later in this document.

How to use it

Run it:

  1. Run the Java application through the XhnEalontro GUI (, and select File --> Open --> ealontro --> CartCentering --> EcjCartCentering_xhn.xml.
  2. Expand the Controller node in the tree.
  3. Press the Start node.
  4. You should see ...

Things to notice

Things to try

Extending the model

Xholon and Ealontro features

Credits and references

This application was described in: Koza, J. (1992). Genetic Programming. p.122-147

To learn more about genetic programming (GP), start with the wikipedia page.


Visit the ECJ website to find out more about this tool.