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 class AppCell
          Cell Model.
 class AppCellAutop
          Cell Model with Autopoiesis.
 class AppLife
 class AppSbml
          SBML Application.

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 class AppAdapSysLab
          Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Network (CTRNN).
 class AppCtrnn
          Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Network (CTRNN).

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 class AppFibonacci
          Dynamical Systems - Fibonacci.
 class AppGravity1
          Dynamical Systems - Gravity1.
 class AppInterest
          Dynamical Systems - Interest.
 class AppTrain
          Dynamical Systems - Train.

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 class AppAntForaging
          Ant System with Genetic Programming.
 class AppAntTrail
          Ant Trail.
 class AppCartCentering
          Cart Centering System with Genetic Programming.
 class AppEcj
          ECJ Application superclass.
 class AppEcjAntTrail
          ECJ Ant Trail.
 class AppEcjTutorial4
          ECJ Tutorial 4.
 class AppTutorial4
          ECJ Tutorial 4.

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 class AppEcjAntForaging
          ECJ Ant Foraging.

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 class AppEcjCartCentering
          ECJ Cart Centering.

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 class AppBraneCalc
          Brane Calculus.
 class AppBraneCalc1
          Brane Calculus.
 class AppCoopPSys00ex0
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppCoopSys02ex32_1
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppCoopSys02ex343_1
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppCoopSys02ex343_2
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppFsm06ex1
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppMemComp
          Membrane Computing.
 class AppSymAnti02ex41
          Membrane Computing.

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 class AppBrenda
          Brenda application - Xholon Java
 class AppTurtleExample1
          TurtleExample1 application - Xholon Java

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 class AppEpo2
          Extended Purchase Order example.

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 class AppWolfSheepGrass
          Wolf Sheep Grass.

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.base

Methods in org.primordion.xholon.base with parameters of type Application
 boolean ReflectionJavaStandard.setParam(java.lang.String pName, java.lang.String pValue, Application app)
 boolean ReflectionJavaMicro.setParam(java.lang.String pName, java.lang.String pValue, Application app)
 boolean IReflection.setParam(java.lang.String pName, java.lang.String pValue, Application app)
          Application uses this to set parameters.

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.samples

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.samples
 class App09SpatialGames
          This is the detailed behavior of a sample Xholon application.
 class App1dSimple
          1D Cellular Automaton.
 class AppCollisions
 class AppCombo
          Combo Grid.
 class AppGameOfLife
          Conway's classic Game of Life.
 class AppGeneric
          A generic Xholon application, used for test purposes.
 class AppHex
          Hexagonal Grid.
 class AppPingPong
          Ping Pong.
 class AppTestFsmKW
          Test FSM.
 class AppTestFsmOrthog
          Test FSM.
 class AppTestFsmOrthogKW
          Test FSM.

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials
 class AppHelloWorld
          Hello World.
 class AppHelloWorld_NoXml
          Hello World.
 class AppHelloWorld_TestTime
          Test XholonTime using Hello World.
 class AppHelloWorld_Vrml
          Hello World with VRML.

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials.rcs

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials.rcs
 class AppRcs1
          Regulated Catalyzing System - Glycogen Phosphorylase (GP) - Symbolic.
 class AppRcs2
          Regulated Catalyzing System, version 2.

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials.StupidModel

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.tutorials.StupidModel
 class AppStupidModel1
          StupidModel1 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel10
          StupidModel10 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel11
          StupidModel11 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel12
          StupidModel12 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel13
          StupidModel13 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel14
          StupidModel14 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel15
          StupidModel15 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel16
          StupidModel16 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel16nl
          StupidModel16nl application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel2
          StupidModel2 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel3
          StupidModel3 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel4
          StupidModel4 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel5
          StupidModel5 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel5tg
          StupidModel5tg application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel6
          StupidModel6 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel7
          StupidModel7 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel8
          StupidModel8 application - Xholon Java
 class AppStupidModel9
          StupidModel9 application - Xholon Java

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiapps

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiapps
 class App__XholonTemplate__
          __XholonTemplate__ application - Xholon Java
 class AppElevator
          Elevator application - Xholon Java
 class AppElevator_ShowStates
          Elevator application - Xholon Java
 class AppFsm06ex1_Fsm
          Fsm06ex1_Fsm application - Xholon Java
 class AppHelloWorldTutorial_multiWorld
          HelloWorldTutorial_multiWorld application - Xholon Java
 class AppHelloWorldTutorial_plus
          HelloWorldTutorial_plus application - Xholon Java
 class AppHelloWorldTutorial_universe
          HelloWorldTutorial_universe application - Xholon Java
 class AppProvidedRequiredTest
          ProvidedRequiredTest application - Xholon Java
 class AppRcs_GP_FSM
          Rcs_GP_FSM application - Xholon Java
 class AppRcs_GP_FSM_Grid
          Rcs_GP_FSM_Grid application - Xholon Java
 class AppRcs_GP_MM
          Rcs_GP_MM application - Xholon Java
 class AppRcs_GP_MM_NoSymbols
          Rcs_GP_MM_NoSymbols application - Xholon Java
 class AppStopWatch
          StopWatch application - Xholon Java
 class AppStopWatch_Xhym
          StopWatch application - Xholon Java
 class AppTestFsm
          TestFsm application - Xholon Java
 class AppTestFsmForkJoin
          TestFsmForkJoin application - Xholon Java
 class AppTestFsmHistory
          TestFsmHistory application - Xholon Java
 class AppTestFsmJunction
          TestFsmJunction application - Xholon Java
 class AppTestFsmOrthogonal
          TestFsmOrthogonal application - Xholon Java
 class AppWatch
          Watch application - Inheritance Hierarchy

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsArgoUML

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsArgoUML
 class AppHelloWorldTutorial
          HelloWorldTutorial application - Inheritance Hierarchy

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsTc

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsTc
 class AppStateMachineOnly
          StateMachineOnly application - Xholon Java

Uses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsTcSysML

Subclasses of Application in org.primordion.xholon.xmiappsTcSysML
 class AppHelloWorldTutorialSysML
          HelloWorldTutorialSysML application - Xholon Java