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XholonJsApi Module

Defined in: XholonJsApi.js:258

Xholon JavaScript API

This is the JavaScript application programming interface (API) for Xholon (http://www.primordion.com/Xholon/gwt/) version 0.9.1. (July 7, 2014)

It's a wrapper around the Xholon Google Web Toolkit (GWT) (http://www.gwtproject.org/) Java code. Note that GWT compiles all of the Java code to optimized JavaScript.

The online JavaScript documentation is produced with the help of YuiDoc, and the comment blocks in this file must be in YuiDoc-compatible format (http://yui.github.io/yuidoc/).

The API is Copyright (C) 2014 Ken Webb, and is released under the MIT License.

This module provides the following classes: