Xholon webEdition

Ken Webb 2011-04-13T18:51:11Z

The basic Xholon concepts, and apps using these concepts, can be implemented using any programming language or environment. Up to now, the only implementation has been based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Think of this as Xholon jvmEdition.

I have started work on Xholon webEdition, designed to run within web browsers, with or without the use of Java. A typical Xholon webEdition app uses JavaScript instead of Java. I am currently exploring the various technologies that make it possible to run Xholon apps on the web.

Kiva An initial test application, designed to benefit Kiva.

SVG Web and jQuery How these two seemingly incompatible JavaScript libraries can work together.

A list of webEdition models, simulations, applications.

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