Web App Frameworks as Graph-Based Software

Ken Webb 2013-04-13T21:02:21Z

Web apps, developed using frameworks such as Ruby on Rails (RoR), are highly structured graphs.

For now, this page is mostly notes including some from my notebook. This is to help me organize my thoughts. I'm starting to write some of this up, and I have tested some of the ideas in Xholon.

In the various sub-pages I use the Ruby on Rails adopt-a-tree app as an example. It's an open-source project that I've adapted from the earlier adopt-a-hydrant project. It's a good example because I know it quite well, because someone else developed most of it so it's not at all influenced by my Xholon concepts, because the source code is conveniently available on-line, and because it's a good example of a typical Ruby on Rails web app.

Some of the graph and tree constructs found in a typical RoR app:

I'm starting to look at the following representative web app frameworks:

Name Architecture Link
Ruby on Rails (RoR) Ruby Ruby on Rails
Grails JVM, Groovy Grails
Griffon JVM, Groovy (desktop, Swing) Griffon
Play Framework JVM, Java, Scala Play
Yii PHP Yii
Zend Framework PHP Zend

It's possible to capture and specify all of these sub-graphs and sub-trees in Xholon, which can then get them all working together. Xholon can export these to a Graph Database such as Neo4j.

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