Water Logic

Ken Webb 2010-03-23T04:06:17Z

Edward de Bono includes some interesting examples in his 1993 book Water Logic. It was fairly easy to implement the basic material in Bono's Dance of the Jellyfish chapter, using Xholon. The Xholon Water Logic application generates random networks which can then be viewed using Xholon's built-in JUNG-based network viewer. The jellyfish theorem is stated on page 26 of the book as:

The body of the jellyfish can receive any number of stings but the jellyfish must insert its sole sting into the body of another jellyfish.

The following shows the resulting Xholon-generated network of 50 such jellyfish.

The composite structure for this Xholon app is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	WaterLogic application - Composite Structure Hierarchy
	Xholon 0.7 http://www.primordion.com/Xholon
	see: de Bono, Edward. (1993). Water Logic. London: Penguin.
	<NerveState multiplicity="50"/>

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