WAFasGBS Top-level tree

Ken Webb 2013-04-13T13:58:31Z

Web App Frameworks as Graph-Based Software - Top-level tree

Every Ruby on Rails app (Rails 3) has the same top-level tree, which is implemented as a file system directory structure.

For example, see the adopt-a-tree structure.

Xholon can read directory and file structures using the Apache Commons Virtual File System (VFS) API. Here's what the Rails tree structure looks like when its been read in by Xholon:

The Xholon model can then be exported in a wide range of formats. The following is the top part of a GraphML export. Third-party software can read this GraphML file, including Network Workbench, yEd, Cytoscape, and Graph Databases such as Neo4j (e.g. using the Gremlin GraphMLReader).

Xholon can export the tree structure as a mind map file, that can be read by the popular FreeMind tool.

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