UML and Mind Mapping

Ken Webb 2010-04-05T17:12:55Z

Xholon can transform some UML models to Mind Mapping format. Xholon can read models generated by MagicDraw, Topcased, and other UML tools. Once these models are loaded into Xholon, they can be exported in FreeMind format, and viewed by any external tool that supports the FreeMind .mm format. Note that UML models are only meaningful in Xholon if they include UML Composite Structure, so only a UML model with one or more Composite Structure Diagrams can be transformed to FreeMind format by Xholon.

As an example, the UML/Xholon Model of Cell Mitochondrion, which was developed entirely using the MagicDraw UML tool and automatically imported into Xholon, can be automatically exported by Xholon and viewed using FreeMind:

The Xholon-generated FreeMind file can also be read-in by XMind (and other tools):

Several third-party tools also recognize the synergy between UML and Mind Mapping:

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