Tag clouds

Ken Webb 2010-03-05T17:41:46Z

A tag cloud is a set of key words or tags, organized to show the relative importance of topics, typically at a web site.

Any Xholon application can write itself out as a tag cloud, in tabular format. For example, the Xholon Life model, written out as a tag cloud table, looks like the following. This shows the name of each XholonClass in the application, and the number of instances (occurrences) of each class.

XholonClass	Occurrences
A_Ketoglutarate	3
A_KetoglutarateDehydrogenase	3
Acetate	12
AcetylCoA	3
Acetylcholinesterase	12
Aconitase	3
Activity	1
AlcoholDehydrogenase	1
Aldolase	1
Artery	3
Astrocyte	2
Atmosphere	1
Axon	164
AxonBilayer	328
AxonHillock	164
AxonMembrane	328
AxonSegment	328
BipolarCell	1
BloodPlasma	222
BodyOfWater	1
BoneMarrow	1
VentralHornLeft	12
VentralHornRight	12
VoltageGatedCaChannel	328
Water	847
X1x3_BisphosphoGlycerate	1
X2_PhosphoGlycerate	1
X3_PhosphoGlycerate	1

Files of this type can be uploaded to the Many Eyes site, which can then create a tag cloud visualization. A Xholon example is here.

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