Ralf Westphal

Ken Webb 2010-03-23T18:23:19Z

I've recently discovered Ralf Westphal's website. Ralph bases his Software Cells partly on the idea of holons, one of the core concepts in the Xholon project. Ralf's blog provides a parallel perspective on these concepts, and suggests a few challenges that I hadn't considered before.

As an example of something new to consider, On edges and vertices includes a discussion of the hierarchical structure and decomposition of vertices (nodes), and then states that edges can be refined too. In Xholon there is currently no simple way to represent structure that is added to an edge (connection between nodes) where the new structure is not part of the overall Xholon tree. This would be a useful addition to Xholon. There is additional discussion of this at the Tween Trees wiki page.

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