Parallel Universes and Time Travel

Ken Webb 2010-04-04T17:46:10Z

Xholon allows multiple applications to run concurrently, and to interact with each other. The multiple applications can be thought of as parallel universes. The interactions between parallel universes could allow for simulated time travel. This page speculates on some of the possibilities. Xholon can be used to explore the extensive literature about parallel universes and time travel. And the ideas in that literature can in turn inform Xholon with some novel ideas on how multiple applications can interact with each other.

Each of the multiple applications in Xholon runs on its own thread, and can run using a different time step interval. Imagine that AppA and AppB are instances of the same Xholon application, that both start at the same time, but that AppA runs faster than AppB. AppA can't go back into its own past, but it can influence the future of the parallel universe of AppB. This makes it possible to use Xholon to model and think about the Grandfather paradox. What if you travel back in time and kill your biological grandfather before he meets your grandmother.

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