Online Toolchains

Ken Webb 2010-08-27T18:50:02Z

A toolchain is a set of tools that are used together, usually one after the other in a chain. Xholon could function as the hub of an online toolchain.

This is the beginning of a list of some online tools that could be used with Xholon. These tools either produce something that Xholon or a Xholon application could consume, or they can consume something that a Xholon application can produce.


XML Editors and Validators

w3schools XML Validator, and XML Validator with a DTD

W3C Validation Service

UML Diagrams

yUML Class Diagram, Activity Diagram, Use Case Diagram

Sequence Diagrams

Web Sequence Diagrams Xholon doesn't yet support this as an export format, but it easily could.


XML to JSON conversion

JSON viewer


InstantYAML validation

Lists of online tools

stackoverflow list

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