Online GUI Design

Ken Webb 2010-06-09T13:54:13Z

You can use Xholon to incrementally design, implement, and run a GUI for your app. If you load the Xholon Chameleon app, you can paste one or more versions of a Swing GUI into the top-level Chameleon node. The following image shows a sequence of successively more complex GUI declarations.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<JFrame Title="Values">
 <JPanel PreferredSize="Dimension,400,250">
     <JLabel Text="CarbonBathtub:"/>
       <JLabel Text="startYear"/>
       <JTextField Text="2008"/>
       <JLabel Text="endYear"/>
       <JTextField Text="2070"/>
       <JLabel Text="currentYear"/>
       <JTextField Text="0"/>
     <JLabel Text="Atmosphere:"/>
     <JLabel Text="InAllHumanMadeCo2:"/>
     <JLabel Text="OutAbsorbedByPlantsAndSoils:"/>
     <JLabel Text="OutAbsorbedByOceans:"/>
     <JLabel Text="OutAbsorbedBySedimentsAndRocks:"/>
       <JButton Text="Save" ActionCommand="saveupdatedvalues"/>
       <Strut Width="10"></Strut>
       <JButton Text="Refresh" ActionCommand="refreshvalues"/>

This is just a mock-up to show what we want the GUI to look like. Now let's write a script that will generate the GUI dynamically at run time.

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