Ken Webb 2010-04-03T13:25:06Z

OSGi is "a module system and service platform for the Java programming language that implements a complete and dynamic component model".

OSGi offers the following features that could be used with Xholon:

Xholon can currently start, stop, pause/unpause multiple concurrent applications. OSGi could do this both locally and remotely, and could also dynamically install, reinstall, uninstall applications.

Xholon currently decouples its architecture by placing all services in a special part of the Xholon tree. The OSGi framework could manage a set of shared services that would be available for multiple concurrent applications. OSGi implementations come with their own set of services.

Xholon applications and services could be organized into OSGi components called bundles.

OSGi provides a security mechanism.

As an example, the Xholon MultiApp sample application includes three separate applications, plus a set of services. OSGi could manage each of these four (3 apps + 1 set of shared services) as a separate bundle. Alternatively, each service or smaller sets of services could be managed as separate bundles.

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