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Licorice is a highly-evolved mini beast who ran into my house almost a year ago. He excels at sleeping and whining about the wintry weather, but he is kind of cute. A typical dialog would be something like:

Licorice: meow (I want to go out)

Ken: open the front door

Licorice: meow (you mean human, why haven't you fixed the weather yet)

Ken: close the front door

Licorice: return to favorite chair for another round of sleeping

News Flash

Licorice has been selected to join an elite Cat o' Nine crime-busting team. We're all very proud that he's whipped himself into shape. His new role will involve dialogs such as the following:

Licorice: meow (I want to come in)

Suspect: open the front door

Licorice: meow (I'm here to spy on you)

Suspect: close the front door

Licorice: go to a chair for a round of sleeping and listening

Results from first mission

Licorice has completed his first mission, from a house with two suspects and three allegedly starving cats. Here are the amazing results.

while (Suspect1 and Suspect2 are in bed) {

Bruno: *scratch* *scratch* where are all the people? i think they are behind this door object. perhaps if i dig through it...

Boots: (meeeeooooooooowwwwwwww) death is upon us for there is no food

Midge: stares at the other two assessing if there is anything she could add

Suspect1 and Suspect2: roll over and place pillow for maximum sound wave inhibiting


while (Suspect1 or Suspect2 is out of the room but not close to the food dishes) {

All Three: run from the suspect to the food dish looking pitiful on the way.

Suspect1 or Suspect2: ignore cats while getting on with morning routine


while (Suspect1 or Suspect2 is close to the food dishes) {

All Three: (meow) food please. NOW!

Suspect1 or Suspect2: sigh and feed the cats as they are completely under foot


Licorice the Star

Licorice is now starring in his own reality simulation. Catch him (just try) over at the Bestiary. He's the green cat. Those are his eyes shining through.

And check out the newer Bestiary blog.

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