Google Web Toolkit

Ken Webb 2010-02-22T15:36:18Z

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is "a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications". This open-source toolkit creates the behavior for a web application by compiling Java code into JavaScript. The resulting application can run like any other HTML/JavaScript/AJAX app, or it can optionally be deployed to the Google App Engine cloud. GWT-compliant Java source code can only use a subset of the classes and methods defined in the Java specification.

An early goal of the Xholon project was to only use classes and methods of Java 1.4 that are compatible with the micro edition of Java (JavaME). JavaME applications are designed to run on embedded systems and other environments that offer only limited resources. Some more advanced Xholon features make use of Java 1.5 and even Java 1.6, but the core is still compatible with Java 1.4.

Xholon is largely compatible with the requirements of GWT, and a simple test app has been run using GWT. Work is continuing to replace or offer alternatives to Xholon classes and methods that are not GWT-friendly.

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