Ken Webb 2010-04-17T18:04:56Z

Researchers at the Lehrstuhl Softwaretechnologie at Technische Universitat Dresden (TU Dresden) are doing some work that looks very relevant to the Xholon project. The combination of several of the TU Dresden initiatives will, I hope, provide Xholon with flexible reverse and forward engineering capabilities, enabling the largely automatic transformation of arbitrary Java applications into Xholon applications.



JaMoPP is a Java model parser and printer. "JaMoPP is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that can be used to parse Java source code into EMF-based models and vice versa."


EMFText is a concrete syntax mapper. "EMFText is an Eclipse plug-in that allows you to define text syntax for languages described by an Ecore metamodel. EMFText enables developers to define textual Domain Specific Languages"

Reuseware Composition Framework

Reuseware is a composition framework. "The purpose of this work is to provide composition technology and techniques to formal languages lacking such built-in mechanisms."

EMFText TreeJava

TreeJava is an experimental extension of the Java 5 syntax that allows compact definition of trees.

EMFText Java Behavior4UML

Java Behavior4UML is an "extension of UML that reuses parts of the Java 5 Syntax for behaviour modelling."

EMFText UML2 State Machines

UML2 State Machines is "a simple textual syntax for UML2 State Machines".

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