GUI Examples: A bunch of GUI examples you can clone

Ken Webb Tue, 22 Jun 2010 19:48:11 +0000

Each subtree in this post is an independent GUI piece that you can copy, edit, and paste into your Xholon collaborative app.

Dragging a GUI from a web page to a Xholon app

Simple JFrame

This is a simple Swing JFrame with a JButton inside a JPanel. Select the following lines of XML, and drag them to a node in your Xholon app.

<JFrame Title="A small JFrame">
  <JPanel PreferredSize="Dimension,200,200" Background="ORANGE">
    <JButton Text="Mars" ToolTipText="This is a Martian button." ActionCommand="onToMars"/>

Tic Tac Toe GUI

This is a GUI for a game of tic tac toe.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<JFrame Title="Xholon meTTTa" DefaultCloseOperation="2"> <!-- 2 3 -->
    <JPanel Background="0xF0F0F0">
      <GridLayout Rows="3" Columns="3"/>
      <!-- row 1 -->
      <JButton ActionCommand="select0"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select1"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select2"/>
      <!-- row 2 -->
      <JButton ActionCommand="select3"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select4"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select5"/>
      <!-- row 3 -->
      <JButton ActionCommand="select6"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select7"/>
      <JButton ActionCommand="select8"/>
      <JButton Text="New Game" ActionCommand="newgame"/>
      <Strut Height="10"/>
      <JButton Text="Computer First" ActionCommand="computerfirst"/>

Comment from Licorice

These are kickass GUI examples!

Comment from imnotgzorn

I agree with most of what you're saying, but you might want to have a look at the "GUIs for Vitriolic Anticipations in the Sixth Temporal Dimension" paper by Prof. I. M. Gzorninplats at Highbrow University.

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