Business applications

Ken Webb 2010-03-01T15:36:52Z

In a typical business application, users interact with data in a database using one or more forms. It may be a desktop application where the forms are implemented using a Java GUI framework such as Swing, or it may be a web application where the forms are implemented using HTML and JavaScript.

Xholon can do much of the work of generating a business application, including generating Swing screens directly from the database schema. Xholon creates a business application in much the same way that popular tools such as Rails and Grails do it, except that with Xholon the scripts are accessible from within the growing and evolving hierarchical structure, through the Xholon GUI.

After a few cycles of using generators and transformers, the business application will look something like the following. The default Xholon GUI is on the left, while the actual business application is shown on the right.

A user can now start entering data into the Xholon-generated forms. The following shows data being entered into a postgreSQL database, using Hibernate as an intermediary. This image also shows the postgreSQL pgAdmin tool viewing the same database tables.

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