BrowserJS Script Engine 4IE

Ken Webb 2011-01-21T12:32:57Z

The sample scripts for the BrowserJS script engine do not yet work correctly with Internet Explorer (IE). I have tried both IE version 7 and version 8, and always get a "netscape.javascript.JSException: Failure to evaluate" (javax.script.ScriptException) exception. It DOES work correctly if I remove all end-of-line characters first. You can do this manually, or you can use one of the many available tools.

For example, copy the text of any script on the following pages:

BrowserJS script engine

SVG Web JavaScript Library

JQuery JavaScript Library

JsTree JavaScript Tree Component

Paste the text into the text area at the Dean Edwards packer site, and press the Pack button.

Copy the packed code, and paste it into the text area at the Bestiary site.

An Example

The following script works with Firefox but not with IE:

<script implName="lang:BrowserJS:inline:"><![CDATA[
var d = new Date();
while the following packed script works with both Firefox and IE:
<script implName="lang:BrowserJS:inline:"><![CDATA[var d=new Date();alert(d);]]></script>

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