How Kiva Works

This early version of a simulation on how Kiva works, was created by Ken Webb as a Xholon webEdition example. Use the Controller buttons to get started, and/or follow the instructions below.

Choose a borrower by scrolling (clicking) up and down through the Entrepreneurs Borrowers list, and clicking a specific borrower. Choose the request loan action for that borrower. Hover over the new loan request to read some summary information, and click on it to view more details. Hover over the Kiva object to animate the new loan request. Click on the field partner associated with the loan request, and choose the upload loan request action. Click on Kiva, and choose the publish action.

Make a loan by scrolling up and down through the Lenders list, and clicking a specific lender. Choose the fund loan request action, and a specific (simulated) dollar amount to loan.

Kiva - Loans that change lives