Xholon Workbook - License

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A Xholon Workbook involves multiple types of content, each of which may have a different license. A workbook typically includes notes and blog text, programming code, and the text for SVG images. Most workbooks include some third-party content, which is always marked as such. The Xholon Workbook files that are available as gists from GitHub are forkable, with the intent that people would be able to add-to and improve them. Many of the workbooks are stubs in the Wikipedia sense - initial content in need of improvement by other people. So of course collaboration is a key part of the Xholon Workbook idea.

My intent is that all original jQuery/JavaScript code is open source, under the jQuery-compatible MIT or GPL license. However, many workbooks include Java or Java-scripting-languages code, which is designed to work with the Xholon Java-based jvmEdition, which uses the LGPL license.