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All of the code on this page can be edited in place.

Try at Select only those lines from the following scripts that are between the opening and closing <script> tags.

Try at Xholon Chameleon. Select File > Open. Locate the Model > CompositeStructureHierarchy > Chameleon node (chameleon_0) in the tree. Select an entire script, including the opening and closing <script> tags, and drag it on top of the Chameleon node. Or use copy and paste(right-click the Chameleon node and select Edit > Paste Last Child). The result should appear in the Java console.

Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables

Python Lists

For Loops in Python

While Loops in Python

Fun with Strings

Writing a Simple Factorial Program. (Python 2)

Defining a Factorial Function

Recursive Factorial Function

Iterative Fibonacci Function Example

Exercise - Write a Fibonacci Function

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