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This page provides help information.


Workbook apps can use the popular jQuery JavaScript library, and the Xholon webEdition and Xholon Workbook jQuery plugins.

Last child

Nodes in a Xholon app are organized in a hierarchical structure. A node may have a parent node, child nodes, and sibling nodes. If it has one or more child nodes, then the rightmost child is called the last child.

When you drag and drop something onto a Xholon node, Xholon will paste it as the last child of that node. If you copy something, you can paste it into Xholon by right-clicking on the Xholon node, and selecting Edit > Paste Last Child.

Xholon Console

A convenient console can be opened inside any Xholon node. Right-click the node and select Xholon Console. Read the help information available there. Any number of different console windows can be open at one time.


Each programming language has its own way of commenting out code, and providing user-readable information.

Language Comment characters
Java// or /* */
JavaScript// or /* */
XML<!-- -->


Xholon supports all of the Quantity names that are available in JScience. When Xholon Chameleon has been launched, you can find an alphabetical list of available Quantity names by opening the Model > InheritanceHierarchy > XholonClass > XholonMechanism > Quantity node.

JavaScript bookmarklets

Many workbook pages contain, or could contain, a single-line JavaScript bookmarklet, which begins with javascript: . The entire line, excluding any preliminary white space or comments, can be copied and pasted into a browser's address bar, like any other URL.

For example:

javascript:(function(){alert("Hello World");})()

Notes reStructuredText

The Notes editor supports the reStructuredText (reST) markup language. See also wikipedia. It is NOT necessary to adhere to this format when writing notes.

The Internet Archive

Khan Academy videos and images can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Do an advanced search for the YouTube id. For example, ZZ39o1rAZWY will find the Projectile at an Angle page. I will probably add the small thumb images to Xholon web pages, as a visual reminder of the content.


Ken can be reached at primordion Daht com .


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