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This page provides help information.

Last child

Nodes in a Xholon app are organized in a hierarchical structure. A node may have a parent node, child nodes, and sibling nodes. If it has one or more child nodes, then the rightmost child is called the last child.

When you drag and drop something onto a Xholon node, Xholon will paste it as the last child of that node. If you copy something, you can paste it into Xholon by right-clicking on the Xholon node, and selecting Edit > Paste Last Child.

Xholon Console

A convenient console can be opened inside any Xholon node. Right-click the node and select Xholon Console. Read the help information available there. Any number of different console windows can be open at one time.


Ken can be reached at primordion Daht com .


The Xholon-specific source-code is available under the LGPL license, unless otherwise specified.