Xholon WebRTC Apps

Please note that the apps linked to from this page, require a modern browser, such as a recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

I am trying various WebRTC scenarios, using 2 Xholon apps. One app uses ten provinces in Canada, while the other app uses 10 cantons in Switzerland. Each app revision tests something different.

Scenario 01 (github rev 1)

Ontario and St Gallen send messages to each other.

WebRTC complex Canada

WebRTC complex Schweiz

Optionally paste the following into Avatar, after moving Avatar to Ontario.

var a = this.parent();
a.action("script;\nbuild cup;\ntake cup;\ngo port0;\nlook;\ndrop cup;\ngo port0;\n");

Scenario 02 (github rev 3)

Ontario and St Gallen, plus Quebec and Graubunden, send messages to each other. Both connections work at the same time.

WebRTC complex Canada

WebRTC complex Schweiz

Scenario 03 (github rev 3)

this scenario didn't work

Scenario 04 (github rev 4)

WebRTC complex Canada (gist) or WebRTC complex Canada (localstorage)

WebRTC complex Schweiz (gist) or WebRTC complex Schweiz (localstorage)

PeerJS Chat

Scenario 05

Schweiz will create a container node with some arbitrary contents. Avatar will move from Canada to Schweiz, will take a container node, will return to Canada, and will smash the container to reveal the contents.

Sample Schweiz content:

  <Ort roleName="das Heim">
    <Ort roleName="das Haus">
      <Ort roleName="der Keller"/>
      <Ort roleName="die K├╝che"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Wohnzimmer"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Esszimmer"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Pianozimmer"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Badezimmer"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Schlafzimmer" multiplicity="3"/>
      <Ort roleName="das Badezimmer">
        <Ort roleName="die Dusche"/>
        <Ort roleName="die Badewanne"/>
    <Ort roleName="der Garten"/>
    <Ort roleName="die Veranda"/>
    <Ort roleName="die Garage"/>

Sample Canada content:

var a = this.parent();
a.action("script;\ngo port0;\ntake container;\ngo port0;\ndrop container;\nsmash container;\n");

OR just take a clone

var a = this.parent();
a.action("script;\ngo port0;\ntakeclone container;\ngo port0;\ndrop container;\nsmash container;\n");

Links to the Xholon editor for each app

WebRTC complex Canada (gist)

WebRTC complex Schweiz (gist)

WebRTC complex Canada (localstorage)

WebRTC complex Schweiz (localstorage)

Ken Webb

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