Xholon Story Visualizer

Xholon Story Visualizer is a free browser-based tool that plays an auto-generated visualization of any Fountain screenplay. Paste in your own screenplay, or run one of the examples on this page.

Fountain - try your own

How to Wax Your Skis

Big Fish

The User Guide presented as a Fountain screenplay.

An ongoing debate between Ken and Andrea about Issues and Features.

The following pages use an earlier version of this site's GUI.

Brick & Steel from fountain.io

Big Fish from fountain.io

The Last Birthday Card from fountain.io

How to Wax Your Skis


Comeback from the Ottawa Writers Circle meetup

Xholon Story Visualizer can also read some screenplays from the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb).

Notting Hill

Lost (includes images for each person and place)

New features I'm experimenting with.

Big Fish with random automatically-generated cartoon faces using the facesjs library (for now this only works with Chrome).

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