Xholon with Meteor

Xholon can use Meteor, a popular platform for developing JavaScript apps. Meteor offers many features. Initially, Xholon uses Meteor's ability to easily and efficiently distribute data from one computer to one or more other computers. If you and one or more other people are running the same Xholon app, then whatever nodes you add to the app will almost instantly appear to all the other users. For example, in an elementary school classroom, where each of 20 grade 3/4 students had his or her own Chromebook laptop, I was able to demonstrate what I wanted them to do by typing simple commands into my own computer.

For this to work, you must be either running a local Meteor server, or using the release of Xholon hosted at Meteor Galaxy.

Hello World is the simplest Xholon app. Once it's loaded into your browser, click the Start button at the top. local Galaxy

You can issue voice commands. local Galaxy

The Animate IH and CSH app also uses voice recognition, and it speaks in response. local Galaxy

Day in the Life follows a pre-schooler named Luke as he does a different activity each day. This Xholon app is superimposed on a Leaflet map. Luke lives in the downstairs (d) part of a house (h) with his mother, father, and baby brother. I've already used Meteor to add several items to the garage (g) in the house. To add more things to the garage (or to some other part of the house), copy the following into the clipboard in the GUI. Right-click on the garage, and select Edit > Paste Last Child. You will immediately see a bicycle and scooter inside the garage, as will anyone else using this app. You'll probably first want to zoom in (click on the + sign) a few times so you can see the house and garage. local Galaxy

param meteor true;
build bicycle;
build scooter;

An earlier version of Day in the Life shows that two apps with Garage nodes are independent of each other. local Galaxy

Use your Avatar to explore islands. local Galaxy

Explore Island 3, another early version of islands. local Galaxy

Explore Island B2, the latest version of islands. local Galaxy

Explore Island B4, the very latest version of islands (Nov 9, 2018). local Galaxy

Xholon GWT is a Xholon project. Copyright (C) 2013 - 2018 Ken Webb