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Packages that use XholonClass

Uses of XholonClass in org.primordion.cellontro.base

Subclasses of XholonClass in org.primordion.cellontro.base
 class BioXholonClass
          BioXholonClass is an application specific extension of XholonClass.

Uses of XholonClass in org.primordion.xholon.base

Methods in org.primordion.xholon.base that return XholonClass
static XholonClass XholonClass.getClassNode(java.lang.String cName)
          Get an instance of XholonClass, given its name.
static XholonClass XholonClass.getClassNode(int id)
          Get an instance of XholonClass, given its numeric id.
 XholonClass InheritanceHierarchy.getClassNode(int xhClassId)
 XholonClass InheritanceHierarchy.getClassNode(java.lang.String xhClassName)
 XholonClass InheritanceHierarchy.getTheRootNode()
 XholonClass IInheritanceHierarchy.getClassNode(int xhClassId)
          Get reference to a XholonClass node, specified by its numeric ID.
 XholonClass IInheritanceHierarchy.getClassNode(java.lang.String xhClassName)
          Get reference to a XholonClass node, specified by its name.
 XholonClass IInheritanceHierarchy.getTheRootNode()
          Get the root node of the inheritance hierarchy.

Methods in org.primordion.xholon.base with parameters of type XholonClass
static Control Control.setControlTree(XholonClass cntrlClass)
          Set the control tree, and return its root node.
static void Control.setModel(XholonClass ih, IXholon csh)
          Set the model.