Interface IAttribute

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Attribute.Attribute_boolean, Attribute.Attribute_byte, Attribute.Attribute_char, Attribute.Attribute_double, Attribute.Attribute_float, Attribute.Attribute_int, Attribute.Attribute_long, Attribute.Attribute_Object, Attribute.Attribute_short, Attribute.Attribute_String

public interface IAttribute
extends IXholon

Attribute. A Xholon Attribute is based loosely on the UML concept of Attribute. A UML Attribute has: visibility (public, protected, private, or package), a name, a type, a multiplicity, a default initial value. A Xholon Attribute: can be part of a composite structure tree just like any other xholon, has a roleName (UML name), is implemented by a concrete Java class (UML type, ex: Attribute_double), encapsulates a single value called "val" with public visibility, has getVal and setVal methods, may have incVal and decVal methods, may be able to processed received messages, is typically a Xholon PurePassiveObject, acts as a server that any number of other xholons can access, does not have any ports of its own but may be accessed through a port on some other xholon, has no act() method, has no default value other than the normal Java default.

0.5 (Created on March 5, 2007)
Ken Webb

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