Xholon Collaborative Apps

Please visit the more up-to-date Xholon Collaborative Apps pages, which are organized as a WordPress blog.

This is a mockup of a list of apps that can run online under Xholon. Only the first three apps (Carbon Bathtub, Bestiary, GUI Examples) are active. Just click on the link and then launch the app (using Java Web Start) from the Xholon Primordion site.

This site is under construction and does not yet allow collaborative development. Much of the material is a mockup that's part of the site design. You will need to have Java 1.6 installed on your computer.

Name Votes Views Created
Beasts run amok - Nice kitty.
65 6385 June 14, 2010
Carbon Bathtub
CO2 in the atmosphere.
17 428 June 14, 2010
GUI Examples
A bunch of GUI examples you can clone.
99 749 June 16, 2010
App One
This is app the first.
3 42 June 15, 2010
App Two
This is app the second. It's better than app the first.
13 1234 June 16, 2010
Templates you can clone to get started.
77 8623 June 16, 2010
Generic scripts that you might find useful.
85 305 June 16, 2010