Observing executing models

Notes on observing executing models

Ken Webb

June 11, 1999

I have been constructing a set of models and other programs to learn more how to use Rose RealTime as a tool for creating complex simulations of entities in the real world. I would like to be able to observe the executing model in a domain-specific way.

Circulatory System Example

(include sample diagrams of circulatory system with colored structure monitor, pictures from cell/anatomy books)

(describe exactly what needs to be observed to obtain the required information)

The arteries, capillaries and veins should change color at run-time to reflect the state of the blood plasma and erythrocytes (red blood cells) that they are composed of. If the system is healthy (the capsules are all functioning correctly), then the colors should be approximately as follows:

Arteries red

Capillaries purple

Veins blue

The erythrocytes will be red if they contain a lot of oxygen, and blue if they contain relatively little oxygen.