Bovine Ribonuclease

Bovine Ribonuclease is a very small protein, but still contains 124 amino acids.

It's not very practical to draw each one on a structure diagram. But it is possible to use a replicated capsule, and incarnate the correct sequence of amino acids at run time

The code shown in the following transition and operation will incarnate the amino acids.

The resulting instance list can be displayed in an RRT browser, and as a VRML tree. Note the identical containment structure in the two lists. The VRML tree includes a node called BovineRibonucleasePP_736220, whcih corresponds to the BovineRibonucleasePP capsule with instance address of 0x736220 in the Rose RealTime structure monitor.

The following shows more detail for the diagram at the top of the page.